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What do Pinterest Analytics Mean?

by Tanya McCarthy 08 Feb 2020

In today's post I am going to cover what Pinterest Analytics mean and how you can use them to leverage your business. Pinterest Analytics help you understand your overall presence and what works best on the platform. 

Note this post was created January 2020 so some items may be out of date. 

Here's a Screenshot from my January Analytics. 

You can see that my growth is very good for the month of January and continues to rise. Watch the video below or follow the walkthrough below.

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Pinterest Impressions

Pinterest Impressions are simply the number of times your pin was shown to someone using the platform. The more impressions, the more opportunity your pin has to be clicked on, saved, or re-shared. 

Remember first impressions are important and a great pin layout and a visually stunning graphic is a great first step. 

Pinterest Total Audience

Pinterest Total Audience is the number of people who have engaged with your pins (organic or reshares) over the time period selected. 

Pinterest Engagements

Pinterest Engagements are the total number of engagements on your pins, including saves, closeups, link clicks and carousel card swipes. This is a critical piece of information if you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. 

Pinterest Engaged Audience

Amount of people who are physically engaging with your content. Very similar to engagements above. This is normalized over the time frame you are looking at. 

The above stats show up on your analytics page above your graph. The following can be selected from the drop down menu on the Analytics page. 


Closeups are the number of times people viewed a close up version of your pin. 

Link Clicks

Link Clicks are the number of times someone clicked on your Pin to a destination off of Pinterest. 


Saves are the total number of times people saved your pin to their account. 

Link Click Rate

Link Click Rate is a percentage of how many people have viewed you Pin versus clicking it. 

Save Rate

Save rate is a percentage of how many people have viewed your Pin versus Saving it. 

Monthly Engaged Audience 

The monthly averaged of engaged Pinterest users over the monthly time frame you're looking at. 

Hopefully that explains it for you. I'll be doing a deep dive into Analytics and how you can use them soon! If you have any questions feel free to comment below. 

Don't forget to Join my Facebook Group for Tips and Tricks and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the most up to date posts and videos.


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