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Etsy Order Dissatisfaction Rating (ODR) Explained

by Tanya McCarthy 11 Feb 2020

Etsy recently launched something called an Order Dissatisfaction Rating or ODR which has caused an uproar in the Etsy community. The ODR is nothing to be concerned about, unless you are having continual issues with your shop and customer satisfaction. Sometimes these items are out of our control, however there are steps you can take to ensure you have an outstanding ODR as well as action take if it's not so great!

In this article I will cover the following:

      1. What is the Etsy Order Dissatisfaction Rating (ODR)?
      2. Where you can find your ODR
      3. Explanation of Customer Service Warning
      4. What actions you need to take if you're over the 1% threshold

Find your Etsy ODR HERE

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What is the Etsy Order Dissatisfaction Rating (ODR)?

The Etsy Order Dissatisfaction Rating, also known as ODR, is Etsy's measurement tool to ensure buyers are receiving the highest level of customer service from every shop on Etsy. ODR is a ratio involving reviews of two stars or less or shops with an opened case over a given period of time. A 1% or less ratio must be maintained to continue to sell on Etsy over a rolling time period. 

Etsy considers a shop's ODR a measurement of the customer service provided to its buyers. ODR, as stated above, is determined by open cases and reviews of 2-stars or less. The 1% ratio is based off of number of sales versus the negative concerns mentioned above. 

ODR runs for a 60-day period, minus 30 days. For example:

    • Today's Date is February 12th
    • Approximately 30 days ago was January 12th 
    • 60 days before that was approximately November 11th, 2019

My current ODR is from November 11th, 2019-January 12th, 2020. 

For digital sellers, the new ODR rating can be frustrating. For example, I have had all 5 star reviews on my shop until recently. A customer left a 1-star review (that was changed to 4 stars) because the file I uploaded was not the correct one. This was clearly my mistake, however instead of messaging me and allowing me to fix the issue before leaving a negative review, I didn't even have a chance to respond. My ODR has now been affected despite the change in review status. 

This means that despite your best level of effort (a customer raising a review and by you responding to customer complaints in a timely, professional manner) you're still getting a negative mark that could impact your livelihood. 

HOWEVER, the 1-star review was left on January 9th, 2020 - which means, this 1-star rating will fall off of the ODR, bringing me back up to 0% or a clean slate within 60 days of the review date pending no other concerns are initiated on my store. 

Where can I find my ODR on Etsy?

Etsy kind of has this hidden in the shop manager, however you can find it if you are looking. Sellers who have issues with their ODR have this available on their Shop Manager. If you're in good standing, you do not have access to the Dashboard. There is a work around and you can simply follow the link here:

Take me to my ODR 

The Customer Service Dashboard will provide the following information:

    • Current ODR - this is calculated daily and includes low reviews and open cases during the ODR period. 
    • The date(s) you received a Customer Service Warning
    • The date when your shop is up for re-evaluation

What is a Customer Service Warning?

A Customer Service Warning (CSW) is sent to a shop when their ODR is greater than 1%. To ensure action isn't taken against your shop, you need to digest everything on the CSW and take steps to improve your ODR over the next 90-day period or you risk being shutdown. Warnings are sent if the following occurs:

    1. The shop's ODR is 1% or higher
    2. The shop has three or more orders with a case or low review since its first sale
    3. The shop has two or more orders placed within a 60 day evaluation period that resulted in a case or low review

Shops who receive a CSW will have complete access to a summary of their customer service performance to help them improve ODR in the future. If the ODR increases or decreases dramatically before the 90-day evaluation period, Etsy may re-evaluate performance sooner. 

On the flip side, if there are continual issues with a shop and the shop does not reflect stellar customer service time and time again, Etsy may investigate and take action. The resultant can be removal of buying AND selling privileges, or worse, permanent suspension from Etsy altogether. 

Also, keep in mind, if you run multiple shops (let's say a physical product shop and a digital product shop), Etsy may consider that the customer service on one shop also applies to the other, which means both can be affected. 

Once the CSW is received a 90-day evaluation period begins. If the shop's standing does not improve within the time frame, action will more than likely be taken to remove your shop from Etsy altogether. 

Customer Service Warnings also expire after 2 years. 

    What actions can I take if my ODR is over 1%?

    More than likely if you have exceeded the 1% threshold set forth by Etsy, you have received and email or some form of communication by the Trust and Safety team on Etsy. Do not take the action lightly, read it carefully, and make adjustments to your shop and customer service where needed. 

    ODR is measured over a 60-day period, which means poor reviews and open cases over the 60-day period (minus the most recent 30 days) are taken into account. As time passes, the ODR will decrease, pending no other negative reviews or open cases are generated in that time period. To ensure your ODR percentage decreases, you need to take feedback from the Customer Service Warning and improve your ratings. 

    Utilize your 90-day period to ensure things improve. Keep in mind, two CSWs within two years will place you in a situation where your shop will be reviewed for permanent suspension. When more than 2 CSWs are sent out, the accont is manually reviewed by the Trust and Safety team on Etsy. You can always contact the Help Center if needed for clarification. 

    If you need help with improving shop appearance, need a shop critique, or ANYTHING, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I have done extensive research on this topic and am more than happy to help you in anyway I can! 

    Don't forget to Join my Facebook Group for Tips and Tricks and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the most up to date posts and videos.


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