Mentoring Prices

I offer the following pricing for my services

Etsy Shop Launch  - $100

This includes setting up your shop, uploading your branding (provided by you), creating your first ten (5) listings with titles and tags optimized for SEO, providing a canned description for your listings, and setting up your policies. 

Shopify Store Launch - $150

This includes migrating your current Etsy shop to Shopify, installing the free theme of your choice, creating up to 20 sections based off of your current Etsy store, migrating listings from Etsy to Shopify, customizing your theme to match your branding (color scheme and logo information needed), and prepping your preferences for launch. 

Optimize Etsy Listings - $50

This includes optimization of your Titles and tags for 5 listings including the appropriate keyword research needed. 

Color Scheme Creation - $50

I will create a 5 color palette for you to use with your branding. All you need to tell me is the feeling and aesthetic you are trying to invoke with your items. Have no clue? No problem. I will generate a scheme and if you hate it I’ll provide one more at no extra charge. 

Hourly Rates - $100

Hourly rates are subject to change based on market fluctuations. When requesting hourly rates we will discuss what you need to achieve and how much time I believe it will take to accomplish. This will require a 15-30 minute conversation over the phone, messenger, or another avenue of your choice.

Please note these rates are subject to change at anytime. Current pricing is accurate as of 9/15/2022.