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Is Selling SVGs Worth It? Find Out Now!

by Tanya McCarthy 09 Mar 2023

Are you a creative looking to make money from your designs? Selling SVGs is one way to do just that. Before taking the plunge into SVG sales, it's essential to assess whether this endeavor is worth our time and effort. To answer this question properly, let's take a look at the market for SVG sales, what tools are needed for success, where you can sell your files online as well as how best to promote them. With these insights we can determine if creating and selling digital downloads is right for us or not.

Table of Contents:

Understand the Market for Selling SVGs

It's essential to understand the market for selling SVGs before diving into creating and selling digital downloads. Doing research on current trends in SVG design will help you determine if there is a demand for your product.

To discover what's fashionable in designs, look to sources like Etsy, Creative Market and Shutterstock for SVG creators as well as social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for recent or trending visuals. This can be done by checking out sites like Etsy, Creative Market, and Shutterstock that feature graphic designers who create SVGs. You should also take a look at social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to see which types of designs have been shared recently or are trending. Additionally, you can use keyword search tools like Google Trends to see what terms people are searching for related to SVG design.

Once you've identified some popular themes or topics in the market for selling SVGs, it's time to consider how competitive it is. Look at other designers' portfolios online and compare their work with yours – does your style stand out? If so, this could be an advantage when marketing your products online later on. Additionally, think about pricing: make sure that you're not underselling yourself but also don't price too high compared with similar products available elsewhere.

Finally, assess whether there is enough potential profit from selling SVGs considering all the costs associated with running a business such as taxes and fees associated with payment processing services like PayPal or Stripe; hosting fees; advertising costs; etcetera. When making this calculation remember that even though many digital downloads cost less than physical items they still require effort and resources (time) invested in them – so factor these costs into your assessment too.

Understanding the market for selling SVGs is essential to ensure you are able to reach your target audience and maximize profits. Securing advanced design applications can aid in producing premium goods that customers will be eager to acquire.

Key Takeaway: To determine if selling SVGs is worth it, research the current trends in SVG design and assess how competitive the market is. Additionally, calculate your potential profit taking into account all associated costs including taxes and fees as well as time invested to create each product.

Invest in Quality Design Software

When it comes to creating digital products for sale, investing in quality design software is essential. Investing in the correct software can provide you with the capability to generate appealing visuals that will differentiate your product from other offerings and raise your sales.

Choosing the Right Software:

When selecting a design program, look for one that has features specifically designed for SVG creation such as layers, masks, shapes and text effects. Adobe Illustrator is an industry standard but there are also many other programs available such as Inkscape or CorelDraw which can be used to create professional-looking SVGs.

There are a few classes geared towards SVG selling on Tanya's website

Getting Familiar with Your Software:

Once you’ve chosen your software of choice it’s important to get familiar with all its features so you can take full advantage of them when designing SVGs. Many programs provide helpful instructions and online support to assist users in mastering their software. It's beneficial to invest some time into becoming familiar with your design software prior to beginning any projects; this will help save you effort in the future and yield more satisfactory outcomes.

By honing your skills through experimentation, you can develop a style that will be highly valued by customers when selling digital products online. Try different techniques until you find something that works best for your style of artwork – practice makes perfect. Learning new skills takes time but if done correctly it will pay off when selling digital products online because customers want high-quality designs they can trust.

Investing in quality software now may seem like a big expense, but think about how much money and frustration it could save down the line by producing higher quality files faster than ever before. No longer will you have to stress over obsolete versions or compatibility concerns. It is worth every penny spent in order to make sure each project looks its absolute best before releasing it into the world wide web.

Investing in quality design software is essential for creating high-quality digital products. With the right platform, you can easily monetize your files and start earning passive income from selling SVGs online.

Key Takeaway: Investing in quality software is a must for creating digital products, and with practice comes perfection; investing now will save you time and money down the line. It's essential to ensure your creations are up-to-date and appear top notch before publishing them on the web; investing in quality software is worth it.

Find a platform to sell your files

When choosing a platform for selling digital products online, it is important to consider the associated fees. Before making a decision, examine the fees associated with each platform. Some platforms will charge transaction fees or listing fees, while others may offer free listings. You’ll also want to take into account how easy it is to set up your store on each site and whether or not they have customer support available if something goes wrong.

Etsy is one of the most popular options for selling digital files like SVGs and wall art prints due to its large user base and low seller fees. Creating a store on Etsy is not complex – merely register, upload your product visuals and descriptions, then set the prices. It’s important to note that Etsy does charge a 3% transaction fee plus 20 cents per listing as well as payment processing fees (2-3%).

Design Bundles offers another great option for selling SVG designs online since it has no setup costs or monthly subscription plans required. They also provide helpful tools such as design templates so you can easily create professional looking graphics quickly without having any prior experience in graphic design software programs like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. However, Design Bundles does charge a 50%-25% commission fee on every sale made through their marketplace so make sure this fits within your budget before signing up.

Finding the right platform to sell your files is essential for success. Having a meticulously planned strategy for advertising can guarantee that your digital products will be noticed and bought by potential buyers.

Key Takeaway: Selling SVG designs online is a viable option for passive income, with popular platforms like Etsy and Design Bundles providing easy setup and low fees. Yet, prior to opting for a particular platform, it is essential to be conscious of the associated expenses such as transaction charges or commission percentages.

Develop a marketing plan

Creating a successful marketing plan is key to selling digital downloads online. Pinpointing the demographic you are aiming to reach and recognizing which social media sites they are likely utilizing is an essential step in establishing a successful marketing plan for digital downloads. Instagram and Pinterest are great for visual products like SVGs, while Facebook can be used to engage with potential customers through posts and ads.

Once you've determined the optimal platform for your product, create content that appeals to your desired demographic by incorporating pertinent keywords into captions or hashtags. For example, if you're selling wall art designs featuring quotes about motivation, use hashtags such as #motivationmonday or #inspirationalquotes in order to reach people searching for those topics on social media. Additionally, consider creating images that feature text overlays so users can easily read the message of your design without having to click into it first.

Rather than merely broadcasting sales messages, strive to create relationships with your audience on social media platforms in order to cultivate trust and engagement. You could offer discounts or exclusive deals via email newsletters or post sneak peeks of upcoming collections before they hit stores—both tactics will encourage followers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Finally, track the performance of each post across different channels by monitoring likes, shares, comments and other engagement metrics such as clicks-through rates (CTR). This data will provide valuable insights into how well certain types of content perform relative to others, so you can optimize future campaigns accordingly and maximize your return on investment from all efforts put forth.

Developing a marketing plan is an essential step to ensure success when selling digital products online. Analyzing your results will help you determine if the strategies used in your marketing plan are effective and worth continuing or need improvement.

Key Takeaway: To successfully sell SVGs online, you need to create a tailored marketing plan that includes identifying your target audience and creating content relevant to them. Additionally, focus on building relationships rather than simply pushing sales messages out into the world in order to foster trust between yourself and potential customers. Finally, track performance metrics such as likes, shares and CTRs in order maximize ROI from all efforts put forth.

Analyze Your Results

It's essential to regularly analyze your results when selling SVGs. This will help you identify areas of improvement and maximize profits.

Start by looking at the number of sales and total revenue generated from each file type. Are certain types more popular than others? Identify which types are more popular, and explore ways to improve them further. Consider adding different color options, sizes, or formats for maximum appeal.

Next, review customer feedback on individual files as well as overall satisfaction with your store. What are customers saying about their purchases? Are they content with the standard and cost of their acquisitions? Do they have any suggestions for improvement that could increase sales in the future? Use this information to refine existing designs or create new ones that meet customer needs better.

Analyzing data such as time spent on site pages and average order values can also provide valuable insights into how successful your store is performing overall. Look for trends in user behavior over time – which pages get the most views and clicks, where people abandon their carts, etc.? You may be able to adjust page layouts or pricing strategies accordingly to improve conversion rates down the line.

Examining metrics such as website traffic sources (organic search vs. paid ads), email open rates, click-throughs, conversions, and social media engagement levels (likes/shares/comments) can give you a bird's eye view of how your campaigns are faring in comparison to one another. This allows you to allocate resources more effectively and hone in on the most successful strategies for future endeavors.

Monitoring these key indicators consistently - both from a product development and promotional viewpoint - can help you stay ahead in the game of selling SVGs for passive income.

Key Takeaway: By closely monitoring sales and customer feedback, as well as tracking website traffic sources, email open rates, conversions and social media engagement levels, you can stay on top of the game when it comes to selling SVGs for passive income. Regularly assessing key metrics from both a product design and marketing perspective will enable you to maximize profits while keeping your finger on the pulse.

FAQs in Relation to Is Selling Svgs Worth it

Is SVGs worth selling?

Yes, SVGs are worth selling as a digital product. They offer high quality graphics that can be easily scaled and customized to fit the needs of customers. SVG files also have a small file size which makes them easy to download and share online, making them an ideal choice for digital products. SVGs are great for versatility, since they can be used with various software and gadgets, giving purchasers more options. With all these benefits combined together it is no wonder why SVGs make great digital products for passive income opportunities.

Is selling SVG files profitable?

Yes, selling SVG files can be profitable. It is a great opportunity to generate income without any effort and reach customers from all over the globe. Digital downloads are a great way to generate income, as they require no printing costs or shipping fees - just an internet connection and access to a website where buyers can purchase your products. Additionally, there are many creative ways that sellers can monetize their designs such as offering bundles or subscriptions which further increases potential profits.

Is it worth it to sell SVGs on Etsy?

Yes, it is worth it to sell SVGs on Etsy. With the right marketing strategy and attractive designs, you can make a good income from selling digital downloads online. Selling SVG files allows for passive income as customers can purchase them without needing any additional assistance or support from you after the initial sale. Etsy offers a convenient system to facilitate your sales and help customers locate what they need quickly.

What is the downside to SVG?

SVGs can be difficult to work with due to their vector-based format, which requires specialized software for editing. In comparison to other image formats, SVGs can be more bulky and occupy a larger amount of storage space. Finally, since they are vector-based images, SVGs don't always display correctly on certain devices and browsers without proper coding adjustments.


With proper investment in time and effort, selling SVGs can be a highly profitable venture. Understanding the market, investing in quality design software, finding an appropriate platform for selling your files, developing a marketing plan and analyzing results will help determine whether or not it is worth pursuing. With dedication and hard work anyone can make money with this venture - but remember that there's no one-size-fits-all answer to "is selling svgs worth it".

Take the plunge and start selling your own digital downloads online today. With ShootingStarSVG, you can quickly generate a passive income stream with minimal effort.

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