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Using Mock ups with Smart Objects in Photopea Online

by Tanya McCarthy 15 Aug 2019

Creating and using Mock Ups with Smart Objects with Photopea. A free design resource. See the video tutorial below. Also check out the walk through. If you don't want to watch a video. 


Open .psd file in Photopea

Decide what Smart Object file you want to use and open it up from your computer. 

Double Click the Rectangle

Go to the layers panel and double click on the little rectangle on the layer. 

It will open up the "smart layer" in a new window. Sometimes these will be blank and sometimes they will have a "mock up" in them to show placement. 

Open and Re-size desired Image

Open your desired image. Remember it must have a transparent background. If it doesn't then you will get a big white or whatever colored square on your mock up. 

Adjust the image size to fit into the smart layer. Click on Image - Image Size and a window will pop up. 

You may have to play around with this a little bit. 

Duplicate into Smart Layer

Once you get your desired size, right click on the image you want to insert and select "Duplicate Into"

Choose the "smart layer" for insertion and your image will appear. 

Place and Save Smart Object

Adjust your object until you get it in a place where you want it. Go to File - Save Smart Object or alternatively hit Ctrl+S.

The smart object will be inserted onto your object. Now don't fret, the lines look like crap, trust me it made me nervous at first. This can happen, but just wait it out. If everything is what you want, go ahead and save. If not repeat steps above with the image size and smart layer until you get your desired look. 

Export File

To export your file go to File - Export As - and choose your file type. I generally do high quality JPGs for this. 

A window will pop up. Resize as needed and ensure your Quality is set to 100%. Click Save and your file will download. 


Here is what the final product looks like. Note the line difference. In the program they look grainy, but when exported they look smooth and FANTASTIC. 

If you're interested in the file please check it out here.  Hopefully you gained a new skill out of this tutorial. 

If you have any questions PLEASE let me know below in the comments. Join my Facebook group for updates and have a fun time practicing!!!!!


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