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Silhouette Studio Tutorial - Make a Split Monogram

by Tanya McCarthy 14 Aug 2019

Do you want to learn how to make a split monogram in Silhouette Studio? Well you have come to the right place. These are quickly becoming hot, new trends and can be used virtually anywhere. Watch the video below or step through the walk through with screen shots and text. 



Optional Before Starting - Make a Flourish for your Letters

This is not needed, you can do the following with just a letter, but make a design to overlay on your letters if needed. 

Create your Letter

Create a BIGGGGG letter. 

Place your Flourish Behind your Letter

Take the Flourish and place it behind your letter

Weld your Letter and Flourish

Select them both and weld them

Draw a Rectangle and Place it over the Design

Draw a rectangle. I make sure mine are at least 3" high to ensure the text can be placed in easily. You want to stretch it so it overlays the entire desgin

Subtract the Rectangle

Subtract the rectangle from the design

Create a Line and Duplicate

Create a line and duplicate. I use the rectangle for this, but some people use the line tool. Make sure it had the thickness you want and decide on a good length based off of your letter/design. Duplicate it. 

Place and Weld

Place the two lines and weld them on the shape. 

And you're done. Add text and go CRAZY

You can purchase my Split Monogram Set here. 

Hopefully you learned something from the above. You can check out my other Silhouette Studio Tutorials here.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask below! As always Join my Facebook group to stay up to date on tutorials and more.


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