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Make your Silhouette Mat Sticky Again

Has your Silhouette Mat lost it's stickiness? Is it dirty and grimy? Don't want to buy another one? Fret not, you can clean and re-sticky the thing yourself in about 10 minutes with the right products.  I'll be going through a simple walkthrough with some photos. Here's what you'll need.  Dish Soap Baby Wipes Lint Roller Rubbing Alcohol or Goo Gone Spray Adhesive Tape...


How to Create Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo Plaid, also know as buffalo check, is one of those patterns that will never grow old. You can create your own patterns in Silhouette Studio and then utilize Photoshop,...


How to Open a SVG showing as a Website

A lot of users have been purchasing my items on Etsy and Design Bundles. One of the most common questions I get, besides how to UnZip a File is why the svg files are not showing up. I'll tell you a secret, they are showing up just fine, but you need to teach your computer that.  You see computers used svg files...