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How to Open a SVG showing as a Website

by Tanya McCarthy 11 Dec 2019

A lot of users have been purchasing my items on Etsy and Design Bundles. One of the most common questions I get, besides how to UnZip a File is why the svg files are not showing up. I'll tell you a secret, they are showing up just fine, but you need to teach your computer that. 

You see computers used svg files in web browsers long before us crafty people came along, so the computer still recognizes the SVG files as web browser files, hence why the default is a web browser. Fret not, we can fix that for you, FOREVER!

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I have created a video tutorial on what this looks like below but I have also provided a step by step that should help you as well. Be sure you Subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates and join my Facebook Group for more. 

By now you should have extracted your files from the .zip folder. Navigate to the folder to see the file types. Depending on your web browser you will either see a Google Chrome Image or an Internet Explorer Image by the SVG you are trying to open. I will walk through how this works with the following:

    1. Inkscape
    2. Silhouette Studio
    3. Design Space

The other programs you may use to open an SVG will be the same way as above. 


For the Inkscape tutorial I am going to use Chrome as the default. 

Step 1: Open the Folder 

As you can see in the file explorer, the program is showing up as a Chrome HTML Document. Right Click. 

Step 2: Find Inkscape as a Program

Right click, Open With and find Inkscape as one of your Programs. Your File should Open.

Step 3: Choose Another App

If your file doesn't open, click choose another app. Find Inkscape and click on the check box. 

Your icon will change to the Inkscape Default. 

Now your default will be set to open SVGs in Inkscape. 


Silhouette Studio

For the Silhouette Studio tutorial I am going to use Internet Explorer as the default. You will follow the same steps as above but have to find the Silhouette Studio Program

Find your file with the explorer icon. 

Step 2: Choose Your Program

Here we will need to physically find Silhouette Studio

Step 3: Load More Apps and Find Studio

Find the app in C -> Program Files (x86) -> Silhouette Studio

Step 4: Set As Default

Just as before, right click the file and set as default as above. 

Your file icons should now default to Silhouette Studio icons forever.

Cricut Design Space

For the Design Space tutorial I am going to use Internet Explorer as the default. If you know how to use design space this is simple. 

Step 1: Upload File and Select File

Click Upload File

You should see the next window pop up, Click Browse. 

Whether your file is the icon of explorer, chrome, inkscape, studio or whatever your default is, choose it and it will open. 

Step 2: Load into Design Space

Click Save after choosing your file. 

It will then be in your products to choose to open after saving. 

As you can see from the above three examples, the process is the same for all of the files. You need to teach your computer that the .svg program can be opened up by default in the program of your choice. This is a little different for Cricut Design Space as you are working on the web and not in a program, however navigating to the file, regardless of what is shown on the icon, can make that happen. 

Hopefully you have learned something from this. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to comment below and I will be more than happy to help. 

Don't forget to Join my Facebook Group for Free SVGs, tips and tricks, and other useful tools to grow your business. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates. 

Happy crafting



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