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Silhouette Studio Tutorial - How to make a Snowflake

by Tanya McCarthy 22 Aug 2019

Ever wonder how to make a snowflake with Silhouette Studio? Well now is the time to stop wondering and start doing. I actually shot this video twice without sound so, third time is the charm! See the walk through below if you don't want to watch the video. Also, join my Facebook group for up to date tutorials, tips, tricks and more. 



Make a Line

Draw a straight line. To do this select the Line tool and hold down your Shift key to keep it straight.


Add some stuff to one side and mirror it

Add some circles and lines and whatever your hear desires. Mirror it to the other side and align with the align tool. 


Change Line Thickness

Change your line thickness to whatever you desire to get your first part of the snowflake. 

Rotate Twice

Go to the Replicate panel and rotate your line and shapes (group them) twice. 

Color and Manipulate as Needed

Pretty simple right!? You can really get creative with shapes and other flourishes and make it SNOW all day long.

Let me know if you have any questions below. Again feel free to Join my Facebook group or subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more tutorials, tips and tricks!


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