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How to Size Digital Prints for your Etsy Shop or Printables Shop

by Tanya McCarthy 14 Jul 2020

UPDATE 2021 

I just wanted to drop back in to give y'all an update. The post from last year got a lot of traction, but using your feedback I have created a new one where I am going through resizing techniques as well. 



Hey y'all. Today I am going to cover typical size ratios for digital prints. This is always a hot topic for people starting out in the digital wall art or printable worlds. It doesn't have to be so overwhelming though! I have an easy to print out Info-graphic explaining the common ratio sizes and the dimensions of each. You want to ensure you are saving the LARGEST file size for that ratio to ensure if a customer wants it sized down, they can do so without losing quality. 

I should also note that the common quality is 300 DPI but you can always go larger or smaller (no lower than 150 DPI) when working with these files. The most common quality is 300 DPI. 

The video below will go through a simple process of saving these 5 styles in an SVG format and then converting them to PNG or PDF depending on what you're offering. A lot of sellers also utilize the JPEG format as well. It really depends on what market you are trying to go for. 

Common print shops like Staples, VistaPrint, Office Depot, CVS and the like will allow PDF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. 

READ MORE: File Types Explained

When I provide wall art files I generally utilize .pdf, .jpeg or .png. 

Check the video out below for the programs I use and how to save your files quickly. 

FREE - Sizing Digital Prints Infographic - DOWNLOAD NOW

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Resize Digital Printables

Resize Digital Printables

Resize Digital Printables

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