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Marmalead versus EtsyRank - What tool is better?

by Tanya McCarthy 17 Jul 2020

Looking for Etsy SEO tools? Trying to determine the difference between Marmalead versus EtsyRank? Look no further, I have created a few videos showing how Marmalead and EtsyRank work as well as a video comparing the differences between Marmalead and EtsyRank. 

Watch the video below and check out the differences in the blog post. 

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Marmalead vs. EtsyRank

There are a lot of tools you can use for keyword research when deciding on your titles and tags but the two that always are floating around in the Etsy Community are Marmalead and EtsyRank. These two tools utilize data from Etsy to help sellers determine what tags and titles will help listings rank in Etsy Search. Both tools have their pros and cons. Below I will describe the features of both. 

Marmalead Features


$19.99 per month
$53 quarterly (three months save $16)
$190 annually (twelve months save $38)


Marmalead is pretty straight forward in the features arena. All of your listings have shop grades. Personally for me, some of my C and D rated listings are some of my best sellers so I choose not to mess with the grading. Marmalead uses real time data forecasting for their information, which is different than EtsyRank (described below).  


The Search function is simply that. You type in your keyword and Marmalead will analyze 100 listings that have that keyword in it. You can also change the settings after your search to analyze 500 listings which will provide more keywords/data (ERank limits to 100 listings only)

When searching the following data is populated at the front of the screen showing the searches, engagement and competition of that keyword. Keep in mind this is FORECASTED data which means it is more real time. (ERANK uses data pulled over the previous 12 months)

The popular tags is really where you want to spend your time looking as you can find other keywords that are being used in the listings to use for you listing's tags and titles. 

Once you have a set of keywords you can use them in the Comparison function to see which ones are better suited for your titles and tags. 

I tend to choose low competition (less than 5000) and decent engagement. The important piece here is low competition. You don't want it so low that no one is searching for it, but you want to target a niche no one is really looking into or competing for yet. 


Storm is an interesting function where you type in a set of keywords and Marmalead will basically pop out a bunch of tags/keywords from other shopper's searches. You can then choose what keywords match that search and bin them. As you use the tool it learns from you. This is more of a researching tool to determine new design ideas for your shop or keywords to use. Storm never stops so as you eliminate or keep words the storm keeps going

This tool can be useful if you're in a design slump for sure. 


Comparison is simply just that, comparing keywords to one another. Type in up to four keywords and see how they compare to use in your listings. 


Tracking will simply track keywords over time to determine how they are doing in Etsy search. I personally do not use this tool. 


Trending shows you keyword searches that are trending in search. This is not really geared towards digital products, however you can find some ideas if there is a subject a lot of people are searching for. I recommend checking it out every now and again to see what's fresh. 

My Lists

My lists is simply that. Lists of keywords you have saved during your research period. You can add up to 50 keywords per list and have unlimited lists. 

That's really Marmalead in a nutshell. The interface is clean and easy to use. 

EtsyRank Features


EtsyRank has three pricing levels. Free, Basic, or Pro. You can see the breakdowns in the image below. If you're using a ton of keyword searches (more than 25) go for the pro version. For 10 bucks a month you can't go wrong.


EtsyRank has a TON of features. I am just going to focus on the Keyword Tools, but you can explore more as you see fit. They also have listing grades, but as I stated above in the Marmalead features, some of my lower scoring listings do the best in ranking so I don't mess with them. 

The Listings and Shop tabs give you insights specifically to your shop. I really only use the spell checker on ERank and none of the other features. 

I am going to go through some of the features below but not all of them. 

Keyword Tool

The Keyword tool is just like the search function on Marmalead, however ERank uses the previous 12 months of data versus real time data and forecasts. You basically enter a keyword and the top 100 listings in Etsy will be analyzed that contain that keyword. 

Aside from the trends, ERank will also show you the most commonly used tags in the listings analyzed. 

You can then look at the searches and competition based off of the results. Again low competition, high search and high engagement are good terms to choose when decided on titles and tags. 

You can then save keywords to certain lists to add to your listings or come back to later.

Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer is just that, you type in a keyword and ERank will determine similar keywords and other searches Etsy users are using. You can then sort the list to find new inspiration or determine keywords for your listings. 

Compare Keywords

Compare keywords is similar to marmalead where you enter in up to 4 keywords and ERank will compare them to one another. 

Rank Checker

The Rank Checker is a pretty cool tool. To me this is worth the $10 bucks a month. Here you can enter in a keyword and see where your listing lands in Etsy search. 

Try to improve your listings to hit page one.You can see in the screenshots below for teacher SVG I only rank on page 6 - we need to get it up in search so I know to work on that listing. 

It will also show you the listings that are ranking and they titles and keywords they are using so you can tweak your listing


Trend Buzz

Now THIS is also golden. Looking for something that's trending and worthy of designing for? Head on over to Trend buzz and get to writing ideas down. You can search by category. In my case I know most SVGs are listed in "Crafts Supplies and Tools" so I click on that category to see what shoppers are searching for to help my SEO. I then filter it out to show searches with SVG only and off to the races I go!

The nice thing about the trend graph is you can see how often these items are being searched for over time, so if it's a long haul, or just a blip, you want to consider how much energy you put into designing. 


So both tools have their pros and cons. I personally keep both subscribed as ERANK has two tools Marmalead does not have, which I find valuable. Between the two for keyword research, the competition rates are the same (see the video above) and the results and engagement are different. I like Marmalead for keyword research and Etsy Rank for the Trend Buzz and Rank Checkers. The rest of the stuff I could do without. Let me know if you found this useful or if you have any questions. 

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