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Difference between Corjl and Templett

by Tanya McCarthy 27 Feb 2020

What is the big difference between Corjl and Templett for designing editable templates for people to purchase and personalize? GREAT QUESTION! These two platforms are both very popular among digital creators to provide high quality, fully custom templates to print out for whatever occasion you are looking for. 

Each platform has their pros and cons and in today's post I am going to go over the major differences. 

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Customer Experience
Design Features

Corjl vs. Templett - Pricing

Pricing is one of the major differences between the two platforms. Both provide three different plans available. Corjl does offer the ability to be billed annually, which lowers the monthly price by 20%. For the sake of comparison, I am only going to discuss the month to month pricing, but you can view the Corjl breakdown here

Corjl also offers a 7-day free trial, where Templett does not at the time of this post. 

Subscription Fees

 Corjl Templett
Starter Level $9.99 $9.00
Mid Level $19.99 $29.00
Professional Level $49.99 $99.00

Transaction Fees

 Corjl Templett
Starter Level $0.65 $0.79
Mid Level $0.45 $0.49
Professional Level $0.30 $0.39


Templett does provide some additional features at higher levels which will be explained below. 


Corjl vs. Templett - Customer Experience

The customer experience between the two platforms is similar. Once someone purchases a file, they receive an email where they can access their template. They can then edit and adjust their templates on the platform. 

Templett has a bit of a leg up because once a user purchases a file, you have the ability to go into their order and help them if needed. Corjl does not provide that feature. 

On the other hand, Corjl does have an extra feature of providing the ability to provide "mockups" for visual purposes on physical products. This allows someone to create a "custom order proof" for an end product that is physical. Templett only works with digital printing capability for printable end products and does not provide mockup capability for physical products like shirts and mugs. 

Corjl vs. Templett - Design Features

The design features of both allow you to upload fonts and other design elements to their platform. 

Corjl has an extra subscription for $9.99 a month with Creative Fabrica where you have access to 100s of fonts for your usage. Templett does not provide this service. 

Corjl vs. Templett - Commerce Integration

Both Corjl and Templett integrate with Etsy, Shopify, and Wordpress (WooCommerce). 

Corjl vs. Templett - Usability

The only complaints I have seen between the two platforms is that Templett generally is slower to load then Corjl. Also, Corjl has the ability to allow a customer to edit with their phone, Templett does not. 

Templett automatically includes a print bleed in their design work spaces, where as in Corjl you have to manually add this option. 

There are a slew of other features in the design space I'm not going to delve into that are the same, but feel free to comment if you have specific questions. 

Corjl vs. Templett - Conclusion

While there are only SMALL differences in the pricing and providing of services, both platforms are a great option for editable templates. You really need to decide on the following extra features:

  • Ability to provide proof of physical end product (Corjl wins)
  • Pricing (Corjl is cheaper, but with some drawbacks)
  • Assisting customers with their template (Templett wins)
  • Access to 100s of fonts for a fee (Corjl wins)
  • Adding an additional team member (Templett wins)
  • Cross promotion of other products (Templett wins)
  • Ability to edit on phone (Corjl wins)

Aside from the above options, both platforms will function the same way. Keep in mind the reason for higher pricing on the high-level subscription on Templett is due to the additional features of an additional team member as well as cross promotion of products. 

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line!

Don't forget to Join my Facebook Group for Tips and Tricks and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the most up to date posts and videos.


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