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Silhouette Studio Tutorials - How to Make a Rainbow with Clouds

by Tanya McCarthy 04 Oct 2019

Want to learn how to make a rainbow with clouds in Silhouette Studio? Look no further. I have a very simple way to create the PERFECT rainbow. You can either check out the video below or go through the walkthrough. 

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Step 1 - Create your circles

Start by creating one circle 10 inches in diameter. Copy it 6 times to make seven total circles. 

Duplicate or copy six times for seven total circles. 

Start resizing so each circle is one inch smaller than the previous one. You should have circles in the following sizes - 10", 9", 8", 7", 6", 5", 4". 

Step 2 - Center and Color your Circles

Center your circles over each other so they all overlap.

Use the fill tool to color your circles. Color the middle one white. 

Step 3 - Divide your circles

Select all of your circles and use your divide tool to subtract all of the circles from each other. 

If you separate them this is what they will look like. Delete the white circle. 

Step 4 - Subtract the bottom of your Rainbow

Using the knife tool, separate the bottom of your rainbow from the top. 

When using the knife tool hold the select button down on your keyboard to ensure you have a straight line. 

Select the bottom and subtract the shapes 

You will be left with a rainbow!

Add your clouds (or not) and voila you're done!

I hope you got some joy going through this tutorial on how to make a rainbow with clouds in Silhouette Studio. Join my Facebook group for more updates, tips and tricks. 

You can also Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more video tutorials.

If you were unsure about a step or have anything to add, please comment below. 


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