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Passive Income Designing SVGs - Creating Digital Designs that Sell

by Tanya McCarthy 08 Jul 2019

Creating Digital Files that Sell

Starting out in the world of digital file creation can be daunting with all of the products out there. During this post I will be specifically addressing Etsy and Design Bundles. Keep in mind, I have my own design and creating style and you should too, but this may help you when you're trying to target a great selling item or specific product. 

Choose your Theme

I like to create files based off of a subject. I keep all of my ideas in a spreadsheet on Google Sheets and also have folders with design ideas I like on my computer. For example, the holiday section has Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and so on and so forth. I also have topics like the last day of school, sports related items, holidays, outdoors, awareness, baby outfits, home decor, and more. 

The nice thing about choosing a theme is when you're done creating the files, you can bundle them and drop the price. A lot of people are drawn to bundle items to get the most bang for their buck. 

Once I have decided on my theme I like to plug certain terms into Design Bundles and Etsy before I get started. This helps me hone what I am going to create. A few months ago I created a bunch of twin bodysuits and posted them on Design Bundles and Etsy. I will be using that for my examples. 

Search for your Items

Since I am selling SVG files I simply go to the website and punch in the search terms. For Etsy, I entered in "twin bodysuit svg". (You can click on the link to follow along)

This resulted in 59 search results, some of which were physical products, mockups, or other unrelated items. This is a good target to market, because the word "onesie" is actually trademarked. So you cannot use it in your titles and tags. (Check this article here about someone receiving an infringement notice about this) I also have a blog post on trademark and copyright infringement

Since I have already designed the product you can see I show up at the top of the search results which is amazing. 

I also use the same process at Design Bundles, but there I go to Crafters, SVGs, and then key in my search terms "twin bodysuit"

Before I created my designs there were ZERO hits. Now there are 14 with all of my files that show up. I have officially cornered that market. 

Now that you see how the above works you can do the same for yourself. Here are a few to get you started. 

 Product Idea Design Bundles hits Etsy Hits
Gnomes 128 448
Pizza 148 750
Softball 3234 9951
Owls 494 2032


Just to show an example, the softball terms were put in there to show, if someone is searching for "softball" you are only ONE file out of over 3000. If you choose to make products that are desirable and in demand, you have an open market to target. 

I try to go for terms that aren't widely popular, but if specifically searched, my designs will pop up at the front of results. By driving more traffic to your designs, your other items that may be in a saturated market will be higher in search results. 

By utilizing the search process in Etsy and Design Bundles you can also find out good keywords that would be relevant for what you are designing. I will be creating a post on title and keyword research later on but hopefully this will help you 

If you're enjoying my posts, please join the Facebook Group for updates and new blog posts. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions.


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