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Passive Income Designing SVGs - Places to Sell your Files

by Tanya McCarthy 02 Jul 2019

Now that we have gone through some basics, like trademark and copyright laws, pricing files, different file types, and photo resolution, let's get into different market places that you can potentially sell your products. 

I strongly urge everyone to start off with Etsy, build a portfolio of work and once you feel comfortable, expand on your options. To get started you can click on this link to receive your first 40 listings for free. 

Let's dive right in!


Etsy is one of the strongest hand made selling platform to date. Not only can you buy physical products, but you can also purchase digital products like cutting files, planners, stickers, clip art, invitations and more. Etsy is where most people start their digital journey. I started in 2018 and haven't looked back. Once I got a good amount of items built up in my shop I expanded from there. I highly recommend starting there. As stated above you can get 40 free listings by opening your shop clicking this link

Keep in mind it does cost 0.20 cents to list an item and then you are charged fees on top of your sales. Since the market is very saturated you need to ensure your photos depicting your product are clean and eye catching. You also have to ensure your Search Engine Optimization is on point. Etsy changes its algorithm regularly which means you constantly need to check and adjust your marketing strategy. 

Design Bundles/Font Bundles

Design Bundles and Font Bundles is geared more towards the common seller for items like mockups, cutting files, fonts, backgrounds, logos, patterns and more. Most people who go to the above websites are looking for a specific product. This is advantageous because people going to the website are looking for your product. People on Etsy may be looking for anything, not to mention Etsy is full of knock off shops and poor products. There is more quality control on Design Bundles and Font Bundles. They do not tolerate trademark/copyright infringement and will delete listings that violate. Design Bundles and Font Bundles also does not tolerate crass language or other foul postings and will delete your listings and potentially shut your shop down. 

It does not cost anything to list a product. You receive 50% of your listing price, unless someone clicks your affiliate link, and then you will receive 75%. You can sign up to apply by following this link.  The community is very helpful and even has a Facebook group you can join to help increase sales and hone your niche. I highly recommend this as a second store front once your Etsy is populated. 

The Hungry JPEG

Another popular platform for digital sellers, THJ is very similar to DB/FB. Although their payouts are not as generous and their platform for uploading listings is a little cumbersome, it has products geared towards crafters and digital designers. 

It does not cost anything to list here and the payouts are 70% of your listing price. 


SoFontsy is geared towards SVGs and Fonts as their main sellers. They also have a large selection of embroidery and applique products on their website. While I personally do not have a shop here (YET!) I have heard good things about their website. Their payouts are not as generous as DB/FB and THJ, but if you're looking for another revenue stream this is a good option if you're a SVG/Font creator. SoFontsy is also created by Silhouette School. 

Creative Market

Creative Market is geared more towards photography, graphics, templates, web themes, fonts, and applications/add-ons for Photoshop and other designing software. Here you receive 70% of your product commission and it does not cost anything to list your products. While I do not have experience selling on this platform, they do have some case studies of people making great money here. 


These are some of the venues you can begin to sell your work. There are other shop platforms out there I'm sure, but these are the go to places I hear from frequently and often. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.

For updates on blog posts and products follow my Facebook group.

If you enjoyed this please share with your fellow crafters and designers starting out


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