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Passive Income Designing SVGs - Bulk Edit Your Etsy Listings

by Tanya McCarthy 10 Jul 2019

Bulk Editing Etsy Listings

Bulk editing Etsy listings is crucial once you start growing your shop. I personally have over 400 digital items in my Etsy shop and am hoping to reach over 800 by the end of 2019. The more items you have, the harder it can be to make bulk edits of your descriptions, Titles and Tags. 


There are a few great ways to accomplish this. My favorite being Vela, but I'll get into that later. 

Bulk Edit Etsy Listings in Etsy Shop Manager

Bulk editing your Etsy listings directly in Etsy is probably the fastest way to accomplish bulk editing. You simply select what listings you would like to edit in your "Listings Manager" and Click on "Editing Options" to edit the following:


Each Section has several options when you open up the drop down. I am not going to screen shot them all but you can do the following:

    • Titles- Add to front, Add to end, Find and Replace, Delete, Reset Title
    • Tags - Add, Remove
    • DescriptionsAdd to front, Add to end, Find and Replace, Delete, Reset Description 
    • Prices- Increase Amount By, Decrease Amount By, Set New Amount, Percent Increase, Percent Decrease
    • Personalization- Toggle On/Off, Add Instructions, Character Limit, Check for Optional
    • Production Partners- Add new Production Partner
    • Renewal Options- Manual or Automatic
    • Sections - Change Section for Selected Items

As you can see the editing tools are SUPER powerful. Keep in mind, you can also do a quick edit, but that is not a BULK edit. 

Quick Editing can be useful, but it is not as quick or efficient as bulk editing. 

Bulk Edit Etsy Listings with Vela

This is my favorite. Here you can bulk edit SO MANY things. Plus, it's FREE. Who doesn't love free! Check out the screenshots below or this awesome video walking you through it



Bulk editing with Vela makes changing shop items a breeze. Instead of selecting ALL items in your shop, or having to search, you can select by Section, Tag, Material, or Category.

Once you select your listings you can edit basically everything in your shop INCLUDING PHOTOS. The photos are useful if you want to add a discount code photo or a generic statement photo in your shop items.  

You can do the following

    • Title - Add Before. Add After. Find and Replace. Delete
    • Description - Add Before. Add After, Find and Replace, Delete
    • Category - Choose and Apply Category
    • Photos - Add, Replace, Delete
    • Tags- Add , Delete
    • Materials - Add, Delete
    • Section - Choose Section
    • Occasion - Choose Occasion
    • Holiday - Choose Holiday
    • Price - Increase by (amount or percent), Decrease by (amount or percent), Change to
    • Quantity - Increase by, Decrease by, Change to

You can also do profiles and variations, but for digital designs you may not necessarily need to do this. I prefer Vela because it is easier to use for me. Once you're done you just click on "Sync Updates" and your shop will refresh. 


You can pay for bulk editing tools, however, it is much easier to use Etsy itself or Vela. If you have any questions please comment below.

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If you found value please share the post in your fellow crafting groups. 

As always, I appreciate you and hope you gained something from reading.


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