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Etsy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips and Tricks

by Tanya McCarthy 18 Jul 2019

Etsy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing from day to day and month to month. In the saturated world of digital designs, to be successful you need to be continually working on your SEO. I will be releasing a series of articles on SEO for Etsy. First off, I recommend bookmarking the Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search, as a lot of the items covered here are in there as well. 

This specific article is going to cover your shop itself and how you can drive more traffic to your listings. Let's begin. 

Fill out your shop sections in their full entirety

People often overlook this important step in their Etsy shop. Every time I provide a shop critique (which you can apply for here), there are always sections missing. This is low hanging fruit. Etsy ranks everyone's shops with a market experience ranking based off of your reviews and conversion rating. Etsy quotes

"Getting great reviews, having complete shop policies, and adding an About section positively impact your search ranking, while recent cases opened against your shop and intellectual property infringement issues can hurt your search ranking."

Therefore, having a complete shop put together will boost you in rankings. Be weary of copyright and trademark infringement. This will negatively impact your store. 

Do NOT keyword stuff your titles

This was a popular tactic back in the day. This is NOT successful now and can actually HURT your rankings. (I have some keyword stuffed titles in my shop still I need to fix). Here's and example for the following listing:

Monster Hair Don't Care SVG - Frankenstein Face

Before I had "Monster hair don't care svg - frankenstein face svg - halloween svg - dxf svg png jpg - cute boy halloween shirt"

Where now I have "Monster Hair Don't Care Frankenstein Face SVG - Halloween SVG" 

Try to keep your titles relevant and use your keywords, attributes, materials, and sections to also describe your items. 

Use Relevant Tags

First tip, use all 13 tags if you can! This will improve your odds of showing up in someone's search results. The more variety the better. Sometimes it can be difficult to research good tags, but you can utilize a website like or to help keyword research. 

Watch Now: Difference Between eRank and Marmalead

Your attributes, sections, categories and even your titles all work as tags. Therefore if your falls into the clothing category, you don't need to use clothing in ANY of your tags. Categories act like tags. Don't waste one on them. 

Attributes like color and material also act as tags. So if your item is a Purple sequined Denim Jacket and you have purple in color and denim in material, you don't need to use these as tags either. 

Now if you're adding it to a long tail keyword that is relevant, it's a different story. For example, if you add denim to a material attribute, and you want to use distressed denim jacket as a descriptive tag, that's ok, you just don't need to use "denim" as a stand-alone tag. 

It is important to target long tail keywords. These give you the opportunity to include a better descriptor, but also frees up other tags. For example if you're selling a Green Smiling Shamrock SVG your tags could be - green shamrock, smiling shamrock, st patrick's day svg, and so on and so forth.

You do not need to include plurals and singulars separately as Etsy recognizes that.  Watch for mispelled words as this will negatively impact you as well. Etsy autimatically corrects spelling in its search queries. 

And that's it for now.

I will get into making listing convert to sales, how customer service and ratings affect your shop, how to use etsy search to target keywords and buyer queries, and other topics.

If you have any questions please comment below.

As always I post my updated blogs in my Facebook group. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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