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Create SVGs with Inkscape - Learn how to Create and Sell SVG Files for Digital Passive Income

by Tanya McCarthy on March 03, 2022

Y'all. Have you opened Inkscape and thought - this is too intimidating! I know I did at first, but once I learned how to create SVGs with Inkscape my possibilities were ENDLESS. Learning how to create and sell SVGs with Inkscape was a huge driver for success in my online business and I want to impart all of that lovely wisdom with you all! Not only is it a great source of digital passive income but it is a great avenue for a side hustle or hobby that will also bring in cash! 

It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I created a full blown course on creating SVGs with Inkscape. You see the truth is you don't need a bunch of fancy design programs to do amazing things. You can take this FREE to use program and make AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL SVG files to sell on Etsy, your website, or other platforms. 

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My YouTube channel has a TON of tutorials for you to get started but the course will walk you through each aspect of the program to start creating SVGs to sell on Etsy and other platforms. Check out the video here!

If you haven't already go ahead and join the Facebook Group where we are creating a community of like minded individuals looking to grow their semi-passive income with digital downloads. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the most up to date information as it comes out!



 Create SVGs With Inkscape

Create SVGs With Inkscape

Create SVGs With Inkscape


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