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Etsy Transaction Fee Increase - What you can do to combat the pain!

by Tanya McCarthy 04 Mar 2022

Well y'all Etsy has done it again. Another Etsy transaction fee increase for the masses! Josh Silverman CEO of Etsy announced last week that Etsy's transaction fees would increase from 5% to 6.5% starting April 11, 2022. While this doesn't SEEM like a large increase in Etsy fees, it does beg the question of what can we do about it?

Etsy stated the following in this article about transaction fee increases:

This change will allow us to make improvements in three key areas: 

  • Bringing more buyers to Etsy: Last year, we spent nearly $600 million on marketing. This year we’ll be investing even more, including the TV commercials, influencers and tastemakers, billboards, podcast advertising, and email marketing that bring new buyers to Etsy.
  • The support you need: We’ll grow our support team by more than 20% this year so you can get help more quickly and easily, including faster email responses, expanded access to live chat, and prioritization of your most urgent requests. 
  • Keeping Etsy unique: We’ll build on last year’s roughly $40 million investment in the teams and technology that help make our marketplace a safe and secure destination for handmade, vintage, and special items. This year we’ll expand our efforts to remove listings that don't meet our policies and help you resolve issues with buyers. 

I'll admit I had to laugh a little when they mentioned the growth of the support team and how we would be able to get faster responses moving forward. We all know how lackluster Etsy Customer Service can be. IF Etsy delivers then I am happy to pay a little bit more, but for most of us who have been on Etsy for awhile, we know that the promises are more than likely empty. 

If you're wondering what I personally would do about it check this video out below about the etsy transaction fee increase. 

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