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Learn how to Open an Etsy Shop for Digital Downloads

by Tanya McCarthy 22 Nov 2021

If you're looking to open an Etsy shop for Digital downloads then you have come to the right place. I have been teaching people how to open their Etsy shops for digital downloads for years now. Unlike other Etsy gurus out there I am a super nerd who loves graphic design and REALLY loves helping people gain financial freedom through something they love. 

This is exactly why I have created a course to walk you through everything you need to get you started on the right foot when opening your Etsy shop. I'm not going to sit here and give you the salesy BS pitches as to why you should purchase the course. If you're serious about growing with me and a community of people who are here to HELP and you want to SCALE your business outside of Etsy as well - be open to giving it a go. 

Throughout the course I will walk you through setting up your account, branding, choosing a niche, creating your first listings and more. The other courses out there will give you this "step-by-step" formula to grow but what they don't tell you is most of their income is from their course content, not their Etsy shop. 

The truth is their Etsy shops are dead, where as I currently (as of 2021) run two SVG shops and sell on multiple platforms including Etsy, Design Bundles, my own website, and SoFontsy. I have seller space on other platforms but don't really care for them much. 

With that being said opening your Etsy shop is only a SMALL step in making it into the big leagues. It is the first step to get you moving in the right direction. 

Watch the video below to check it out. If you found me through google or another search engine you're in luck as I'll take $25 off of the price just for going through the blog post. Just use code "etsycourseblog" at checkout! You can find the course content here:

Open your Etsy Shop

If you haven't already go ahead and join the Facebook Group where we are creating a community of like minded individuals looking to grow their semi-passive income with digital downloads. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the most up to date information as it comes out! 


 Launch your Digital Etsy Shop

Launch your Digital Etsy Shop

Launch your Digital Etsy Shop

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