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Silhouette Studio - Create a Simple Mandala plus a bonus!

by Tanya McCarthy 12 Aug 2019

Have you ever wondered how some people get those awesome shapes with mandala lines in them? Yes? Me too. It took me ages to figure it out, and then I did so I'm going to share with you today

How to make simple mandala shapes in Silhouette Studio.

This is not a tutorial on how to make mandalas, I'm not that skilled in Inkscape (YET) but when I get there I'll be sure to share. 

This is one of my first videos so it's long and annoying. Just fast forward through the boring bits ok? I'm going to go ahead and do some screen shots below. 



Open a new Canvas and Create a Shape

I used FlexiShapes here which you will need DesignerPlus Edition or higher to use. 

Open up your desired Mandala

I am using a mandala bundle from Design Bundles. I color the mandala a different color than the shape for contrast. 

Copy your mandala and place it over the shape

Pretty straight forward. Copy your mandala and place it over the shape like below until you get your desired result. 

Select your Modify Method

Now you want to select which modify method you desire. Most are looking for the Subtract or Divide functions, but I'll show what Intersect and Crop do. 


Select both shapes and Subtract. You will get the lines removed and the following result. 

Subtract All

If you choose to subtract all, the original mandala will stay in its full form. 


Divide will create individual shapes from intersections. Basically the outside of the star shape will be removable. Inside of the star some of the lines are also separated. I wouldn't recommend cutting these. This is more for print and cut. 

You can change the color of the lines and the shape to get a cool effect!!!!

Intersect OR crop

Intersect or Crop provide the outlines by removing areas that are not shared (cropping) or displaying the parts that overlap (intersect). 


Each way yields a different result (some the same as the others for the most part)

A fun Bonus to Make Colored Mandala Stickers

Now THIS is super cool and I'm actually making a killing on these physical print and cuts for decals because they are so AWESOMMMMMMME

See the final-ISH product and follow along. 

Center Shape and Mandala to page

Take your Shape and Mandala overlay and select both together when they are placed how you like them to be and Center them to the page 

Group, Duplicate and Move

Once you get them centered. Copy and Paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) the same shape. Move it to the side and make sure it is grouped. 

Intersect First Shape

Select the first two shapes (double check it is centered to the page) and Intersect them. Select all of the lines and make a compound path. 

Move Group to Center of Page Subtract

Select your group of untouched shapes and center them to the page (it will over lap your lines). Un-group the two shapes and Subtract them. 

You will be left with the below. Each tiny shape will be a separate shape, which means you can color to your hearts content. 

Color away!!!!!

The effect can be pretty stunning as seen above. I didn't finish but wanted to color most of it to show you the transformation of the image itself.

Here's to learning how to make mandala shapes in Silhouette Studio! Hopefully you learned something from this! Please feel free to ask me any questions below. 

Join my Facebook group for more tips and tricks or visit the Silhouette Studio Tutorial Page for more tutorials, which I am always adding to!


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