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DOGS is about to get trademarked - Trademarks getting out of Hand - Help the Fight

by Tanya McCarthy 10 Aug 2019

Update 8/28/2019

This malarkey has passed. Here is the certificate of registration. Click the Patreon link in the bottom of this article to donate. Even if it's $1 a month. That will give the group (Trademark Watchdawgs) more capital to fight this and afford the legal fees and counsel to win. 


I'm getting a lot of GREAT feedback from this article so thank you to everyone who is spreading the word. PLEASE keep in mind this is NOT about the stupid DOGS TM and single word design creation, but the point that TMs are getting ridiculously out of control. There needs to be a stop to all of the madness so we can go back to doing what we all love as creatives. 

You can learn more about Trademark basics HERE

Ok I'm throwing up my hands. As a digital designer who knew NOTHING about trademark when I first started out, I have certainly taken the time to educate myself to ensure I'm not infringing. I still slip up, we all do, but now I feel do DISCOURAGED and I know a lot of you do too. 

I am in a group on Facebook with individuals trying to stop frivilous trademarks. Particularly, one word TMs that have NO BASIS for being a trademarked. (Think Thankful, Mama Bear, stuff like that)

The straw that broke the camel's back?


Yeah, you read that right. It officially passed the point where people can not file a Letter of Protest (LOP) for free... which means more than likely this sucker is going to get a registration number and go through. It's coded for Class 025, which for us means CLOTHING and it affects our target audience. 

Check it out here

The definition of application for Trademark is something that DEFINES YOUR BRAND. Commonly used phrases generally DO NOT pass unless there is enough evidence that other people sing it will TARNISH your brand or logos. 

Check out some more articles on the TMWD Group and what we are doing collectively

Article on TM Watchdawgs 

More Information

What WE need to do

Bombard the USPTO with our concerns by contacting them. Contact your local office, state senator ANYONE

Or if you don't have time to do that throw a buck or two a month in a pot and let the people who know how to do this kind of work get it done. You can join the fight by going here

Stop Frivolous Trademarks

Please understand if we DO NOT get a good handle on this pretty soon our livelihoods will be ruined and there will be take downs for everything. These could also result in LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU!!!

Brush up on Trademark and Copyright here. 

Let me know if you have any questions below

Join My Facebook group for updates and information on this. 


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