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Passive Income Digital Design Bootcamp - Understanding Trademark and Copyright

by Tanya McCarthy 01 Feb 2020

Trademark and Copyright is critical before jumping into your business. You need to understand what applies when you are designing and avoid creating anything that may have a trademark or copyright applied to it. 

If you've been following along, this is the 5th Lesson in the Bootcamp Series. So far we have covered:

  1. Choosing Your Market - This will get you honed in on a specific niche to work with
  2. Branding - Generating your brand so you can get recognized
  3. Goal Setting - What you’re working towards.
  4. Time Management - How to manage your time to ensure you stay on track

I cannot stress this one fact enough


These have been created by other people and more often than not we see other people ripping off our designs. It’s a lot of headache to deal with and it’s not ethical for you to do. 

Also, you will still other people using Disney and Marvel and whatever the heck else it out there. Don’t do it. They will get shut down eventually. 



Here are some articles to get you started including one video on how to use the search function on the trademark website

  1. Trademark 101
  2. What is Public Domain?
  3. Trademark and Copyright Information (includes TESS search video)
  4. Example of what happens when you don’t comply

I continuously add information to the blog to educate and will be going through some videos on the topic. For now, do your research and get designing! If you have any questions on if a Trademark applies, message me! I’m more than happy to help to ensure you don’t get yourself in any hot water!

In the next bootcamp lesson I will be discussing license types and how they can be applied to your designs. 

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