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Digital Design Passive Income

Welcome to the Digital Design Passive Income Blog

by Tanya McCarthy 16 Jun 2019

Welcome to the Digital Design Passive Income Blog. This blog will be chock full of tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming a great designer to help jump start your passion and creativity. In conjunction with design tips and tricks, I will also include ways to grow a passive income and turn your hobby into a money maker. 

Starting out in the design world can be overwhelming. From an early age I always loved everything about graphic design, but was a horrible artist. I quickly realized I could let my creative outline shine through graphic design and flourished from there. 

In this blog I will create posts of things I see relevant to help new designers mainly in Silhouette Studio. I will also include some things from Inkscape and other free design programs for more intermediate use. 

Alongside of the designs I will also include ways to start monetizing, including Etsy and other digital marketplaces like Design Bundles

Please feel free to leave comments below for requests and I will get to them as soon as I can. I appreciate you all! Cheers!

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