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HTV Sizing Guide and Design Placement for T-Shirts

by Tanya McCarthy 12 Sep 2019

A HTV Sizing Guide and Design Placement Chart is a handy tool for you to use when creating physical cut designs to place on T-Shirts. I've created a simple infographic to help you size your designs BEFORE you cut your HTV. I personally have one printed out and posted up near my work space to ensure I don't forget how big to make my design. Check it out. Feel free to right click the image below and save it to your computer or see the link below to download the full sized JPEG image. 


HTV Size Chart for T-Shirts

Download FREE HTV Size Chart


Please note at the bottom, each line is a separate note. For sizes larger than XL, add 0.5 inches to the design WIDTH. Ladies V-neck or scoop neck shirts should have their designs place 1.5" below the neckline versus the typical 3-3.5 inches as a normal shirt would. Anything that is fitted should have the size decreased by 0.5 inches in WIDTH. 

I generally do not change the height at all. 

If this is useful please share it with your crafting communities.

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