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Grow your Following with Pinterest - Creating a Vertical Pin Template

by Tanya McCarthy 08 Aug 2019

Creating a perfect vertical pin can deem difficult if you don't know where to begin. Standard sizing, what to showcase, and color schemes can be a daunting thing first starting out.


This is constantly changing. Right now Pinterest prefers a 2:3 ratio. 

2:3 aspect ratio

Most people start out with 600 x 900 pixels, but I personally use 1200 x 1800 pixels in a 300 DPI resolution. In all reality photo resolution doesn't make much of a difference. All screens (mobile or desktop) view images at around 72 DPI (sometimes higher) so saving in a larger format really doesn't add any value. 

When you click on a pin, the max size displayed is 564x846 pixels regardless of what you upload.

Square Pins

Don't bother, they did away with the use of square pins starting in 2019. If you have older pins that are square try reworking them with the 2:3 ratio. 

Long Vertical Pins

Long Vertical pins were in 2:3 ratio but TALLER. These are now called "giraffe pins" and are cut off in the Pinterest Feeds. 2019 Pinterest announcements stated that anything longer than 1:2.1 proportion will be cropped in the feeds, which could hurt you if some of your infographic information is in that longer section. 

There is no true and tried way, but all of the articles I have been reading recommend the 2:3 ratio and nothing else, including Pinterest themselves. 

Louise M also has a great article on Pinterest Pins and is constantly adjusting it based on Pinterest changes. 

I highly recommend creating a template to work out of. I am more than happy to create on for you. Here is the template I currently work with in a 2:3 ratio with the top for my design and the bottom for a mockup.  

And here is an example

If you found value in this article please share it with your friends. As always join my Facebook group for updates on blog posts and other news updates. 


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