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Best Places to buy Craft Vinyl Online

by Tanya McCarthy 19 Sep 2019

Looking for some options on where to buy craft vinyl online? Look no further. I've got you covered because BELIEVE me, I have tried most, if not all places, to purchase vinyl for my craft projects. 

Buying Craft Vinyl online is best when you're looking to order in bulk as well. so let's get into the places I prefer to shop. 

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651 Vinyl

Probably one of my all time favorite places to shop. 651 Vinyl has ligtening speed shipping and their bulk buys are top notch. I generally get my HTV in bulk here and their Oracal 651 is also great in longer rolls. They also have some really innovative tools like the Pin Pen for weeding that I would probably die without. Check them out!

Expressions Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl is also a great place to shop. They carry their own brand for adhesive vinyl as well as Oracal 651 and 631 and Siser. They do have their own Etched Glass Vinyl that is super cool to use on wine glasses and beer mugs.

Expressions Vinyl also carries a ton of adhesive patterned vinyl that is super cute and unique. They generally only sell Sister HTV, however they do have a steller line up of patterned HTV as well. They do print to order their patterned HTV so the ship time is a little longer, but I believe that makes the quality a TON better. 

Sign Warehouse

Sign Warehouse is more like go big or go home. While they are geared more towards large vinyl cutters versus the home cutters, they carry different brands that are much more superior to the typical Oracal and Siser brands. 

Their Endura Vinyl is made and sold exclusively by Sign Warehouse and I recommend giving some a try. I don'y make enough physical products to buy more, but the Endura Vinyl I purchased is still going strong on my friend's vehicle and isn't fading like some Oracal colors due in the harsh elements and sun. 

They also carry equipment and HTV as well. 

The Vinyl Spectrum

The Vinyl Spectrum has your typical Siser and Oracal vinyls and also carries StyleTech Vinyl. The StyleTech vinyl is similar if not better than Oracal, especially in regards to glitter vinyl. They are a specialty adhesive vinyl. The Vinyl Spectrum also has very quick ship times. 

My Vinyl Direct

My Vinyl Direct sells Oracal and Siser and is starting to grow their own line of vinyl. They also have very reasonable shipping times. They also have a very unique item of ready made heat press transfers, so no weeding, no fuss, and no mess for you. 


I will update this list as I purchase from more vendors, but for now this should be a good starting point. 

Please comment below if there is a recommended vendor you prefer for your vinyl needs. 

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