Affiliate Images and Banners

You can find the links to the ad banners along with descriptions below. You can download them simply by entering the link into your web browser, right clicking and clicking save image as. This will download them to your computer. 

To embed into websites you will want to use the following HTML code. Ensure you are replacing the bracketed information ‘[INSERT HERE]’ to ensure everything works appropriately. 

<center><a href="[AFFILIATE LINK HERE]"><img src="[IMAGE LINK HERE]" alt="[ALT TEXT HERE I.E. ETSY SHOP COURSE]"></a></center>

Where the bolded text is, insert your affiliate link found on your back dashboard. I’ll send out updates to the affiliates as new courses and images are available. This web page will also be updated as well. 

Etsy Course Banners
Shopify Course Banners

Please contact me at if you have any issues!