Silhouette Studio - Make Christmas Cookie Shapes Fast

by Tanya McCarthy on July 25, 2019

Today I'm going to go through a simple way to create Christmas Cookie Shapes. You can use this technique for other things I'm sure, but since it's Christmas in July, I figured I would put this together as I'm designing Holiday SVGs as we speak. 

For this you will need only the BASIC version of Silhouette Studio, so anyone can do this. If you want to follow along and use FlexiShapes, you will need to upgrade to at LEAST Designer Plus Edition. (Click here for upgrade) You can follow along by creating your own basic shape like a circle or square. 

Follow along in this video on YouTube. This was my first go around at using a new screen recording program so disregard the blurry video. I'll fix it for next time!

Pick Your Shape and Draw it

Decide which shape you would like to use. For this example I am going to use the pre-made Christmas tree. I choose settings so I have a transparent fill and a 5 pt line thickness. 

If using FlexiShapes convert to path like this after drawing:


Offset Original Shape

Once you have your shape drawn you are going to want to open the Offset panel. In this example, I use a regular offset with curved corners instead of sharp ones. I utilize and offset of 0.125.

Delete Original Shape Line & Create Second Offset

Once your offset is created delete your original shape by right clicking it and selecting Delete. Create a second offset on your first offset. I utilize curved corners again but this time used an offset of 0.230. Click Apply. 

Change Line Thickness Back to 0 pt

Select both offsets and change your line thickness back to 0 pt if you were utilizing thick lines before. If not you can skip this step. 

Fill Internal and External Shapes

Now you're going to want to fill your internal and external shapes that you created with offset. For the tree I choose green and for the "cookie" part I chose a light brown. I also ensured my lines were colored the same as the fill for presentation purposes. 

Center to Page, Group and Duplicate

Once your shape is filled, you're going to want to center it to the page. Select both shapes, group them, and Center to Page as shown below. 

Once you are centered, duplicate your shape by pressing CTRL+C (Copy) and then CTRL+V (Paste) and move your duplicate off of the canvas. (Or far enough away from the other shape)

Ungroup Centered Shape and Subtract

Ungroup your centered shapes. 

Using the Subtract function, Subtract the green from the brown. Your result should look similar to below. 

Center Duplicate, Ungroup, Delete

Now take the other shape you set to the side and center it to the page like we did before. This will perfectly overlap your subtracted cookie outline. 

Ungroup the Duplicate shapes like before, click on the "cookie" area and drag it away, you will see the filled cookie background. Delete this. This will leave you the green and outlined "cookie" part. 

Check Finished Product

Check your finished product. You should have something similar to below! Remember you can utilize any colors you wish. 

And here are a few examples I have done, took me about 15 minutes to do all three. Once you get the hang of it, it's REALLY simple! The reason why I subtract the outer layer is so people can easily layer vinyl. This also allows other people to use print and cut and sublimation as well for using these files!

Please share if you found value with your fellow crafters. Ask any questions you have below and join my Facebook group for simple tips and tricks to design your own SVGs in Silhouette Studio!



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