Silhouette Studio Tutorials - Color a Dingbat Font

by Tanya McCarthy on September 10, 2019

Dingbat fonts are fun, but they're better with color. If you were wondering how to color a dingbat font you have come to the right place! For this tutorial I am using a font called "The Whole Zoo" which comes with little animal extras. It's super cute and I'm in love, but you can do this with ANY dingbat font. You can also view the walkthrough below. 

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I will be going through coloring pages for PERSONAL USE only in other tutorial. 

Place Your Font

Decide what character you would like to color in and place it on your workspace. 

Convert to Path

Convert your text to path. 

Release Compound Path

Go to the Modify Panel and Release Compound Path

Your image should be all black (or whatever color your design lines were in)

Change your Fill Color and Ungroup

Change your fill color (I used RED) and Ungroup

Color your Design

Color in the pieces of the design as you wish. 

Note that when everything is colored in and you select the "red" it is a full shape. If you want just the lines to be cut (for SVG purposes not Print and Cut) you can follow the next steps. If not just color it black and be done. 

Subtract All (Color from Background)

Select your colored pieces and Subtract All. You should get the below effect. 

Final Product

Color your red outline in black, or however you desire, and cut away!

Pretty simple right? Coloring a Dingbat font should be a breeze, and now you know what to do with all of those doodles and dingbats sitting on your computer. 

Again the font I used was "The Whole Zoo"

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